July favourites…

I’m sorry this is late, I completely forgot to do this so its a bit last minute but here you go…

Firstly I have been loving ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon. If you are looking for a good book here’s one to try.


This month I have also loved this pineapple and guava scented candle that Barbara bought me. It leaves my room smelling lovely. So thank you so much !


I have been wearing my Pandora bangle everyday and  I love wearing it, even though I haven’t got a summery charm for it yet it still looks pretty and goes with everything.


I also have loved wearing my bandanas ! they are so cute and are a great way to keep all my hair off my face.


I hope you have enjoyed this July Favourites !




A Harry Potter post ✨📚

I absolutely love Harry Potter so I just thought that in this post I would just answer a few questions about the magical series that we all know and love.

What is your favourite Harry Potter character ??

I love Hermione because she is a very head strong character and is very intelligent. She is quite an interesting character and there is more to her than it seems.

However my favourite minor character is Luna love good as she is very quirky and comes up with the best one liners.

what death annoyed you the most ?

WHY DID SIRIUS HAVE TO DIE ?????  Harry’s only member of family left and J.k Rowling wrote that he got killed by BELLATRIX ????? I can’t express how sad I was.

What is your favourite book ?

I really enjoyed reading the ‘Prisoner of askaban.’

What house are you in ?


What is your favourite magical creature ?

I love pigmy puffs. they are just so cute !

And finally…

what couple do you ship more ? Hinny or Romione ?

Definitely Romione ❤

May favourites………. 

This May has been fun filled with lots of trips out with friends, warm evenings and good food. But now it’s that time that I write about all the favourite things I have been loving in May.

  1. Well I think it is fair to say that May is one of the best months of the year as it is the gorgeous Olly Murs’ birthday ! Just thought I’d say that as he deserves a shout out. 🙂

Ok, now lets get down to business………

2.    I have really been loving this MUA white nail varnish, it is really nice to apply onto your nails and you only need about two coats to make it look really nice. it looks really great with rose gold rings and it is just very summery. It comes in lots of different colours and most of them are pastel, so therefore your nails will look awesome all the time.IMG_0253


3. I have really liked using the simple kind to skin facial toner and the simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser. Together both work really nicely on my skin. the toner is very refreshing and freshens up my face when I use it and the moisturiser helps get rid of my spots and it also helps to stop dry skin. I really like both of these products.



4. I have been really loving snap jewellery. It is the best idea ever ! I bought a necklace and the charms just snap on and off so you can change them whenever to whatever you like. I love it and it is also not that expensive. So far I have bought these charms……


and I have also bought a long necklace.

I like it because it is a long and also a necklace is a really nice accessory to go with any summery outfit.

5.   I have recently learnt to do calligraphy font writing and have really liked to be able to do it because it just a very nice and artsy thing to do also looks very pretty. I bought some calligraphy pens in black to do it with, but haven’t quite mastered it yet so I have stuck with using a really nice blue gel pen from Poundland that came as a pack of 5. In blue calligraphy looks a bit more summery. I have been drawing this piece for my granddad as he really likes arty things and I have done it in all different fonts, including calligraphy. Wilkinsons’ pack of fine liners have worked a treat with it and it looks very bold and creative.



6. Zoella’s Lets spritz ! Body mist has let me feeling very summery as it smells incredibly fruity and keeps you smelling sweet for quite a long time.




7. Another thing that I have loved this may are these adorable retro boxes I got these from tkmaxx and they are so cute ! I absolutely love them ! They are designed as a camera and an old fashioned radio.



8. Lastly for this marvellous May favourites is my cute cactus that lives on my window sill. Isn’t he cute ?? I know its weird to name non living stuff (well he is living but he can’t move, you know what I mean !)  but I just had to call him spike. his pot is so cute and it goes perfectly with my room. cacti are also very easy to look after because they don’t need much water as they come from the desert so spike doesn’t need much looking after.


I’m afraid that’s it for my may favourites I hope you liked it !








I do apologise…

I’m am really sorry I haven’t been writing at the moment. my only answer is EXAMS. Revision has taken over my life and now I have no time or social life whatsoever. So I do apologise to you. However I will try my hardest to write up on a day out that I am going to have with Barbara and I will perhaps do a ‘what’s in my bag?’ I am thinking of creating a fan fic page as part of my creative writing revision for English but I might also do it for fun. Suggestions for what you would like me to write about would be very useful as well. again I’m really sorry and I hope you understand that the exam period is extremely stressful.

Xo :)))

Living the beach life…

I love the beach, it is practically my fave place. Today I went to my local beach and spent the afternoon lying on the pebbles, apart from the never ending amounts of thunder bugs it was a very enjoyable afternoon. I took along two pictures and cut out certain bits of it and held them up to different things and it looks really cool. Not gonna lie I am quite proud!! so here is a cute lil collage of them all…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I also took some cute beach pics …


It was such a nice sunny day today !!



Rose gold items that I own…


Ok first things first. One of the most important things that you need to know about me is that I love rose gold. It is my favourite colour/shade and it is soooo pretty. I have I don’t have loads and loads of rose gold items but the ones I do have are lush!!!

so here they are…

Item No.1

IMG_2832I got this notebook from Primark and it is rose gold and marble, the best combination!!! I love it and all of my friends are really jealous of it because it is sooo pretty. It was £2.50 and I think it is really good for the price. I have used it a lot since I bought it and it very good.



Item No.2


My rose rings.

These rings are lovely I really like them and they look very nice with white nails. My favourites are the second one up from the bottom and I wear this on my right little finger. I also love the third one down from the top and the second one down from the top, I wear the second one down on my left thumb and the third one down on the top of my middle left finger as it is smaller. Again this was one of my amazing Primark buys £2.50 !!


IMG_2831My Rose gold “E” pin. I wear this on my denim jacket along with my many others and it is really cute. I am obsessed with it and it’s very summery. I don’t remember where I got this from but I don’t think it was that much.




I have two of these lamps, one has a round base and one has a clip on the bottom. They were £12 from Ikea and are really practical and very cute. I also have my rose light box it is rose on the back and as appeared a lot in my blog photos I love it very much. It was £13 in New look and I think they still sell it so go and buy it !


My lamp and light box.

I hope you enjoyed my rose gold items and I am really sorry for not doing a March favourites but I promise an April one will be coming.

OneHappieGirlie out !!!